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Your website is your image.
You create your image, I create your website.

Volodymyr Kutsenko

HTML5/CSS3 | Front-End development

To create your image, you might need:

Landing page if you sell goods or provide services. Corporate website if you need to represent your company in web. Personal website if you want to showcase your talents and skills.
I can do all of these, contact me!

Why me but not another competitor in search engine results?

Responsive web-design

Rule of adaptation

Whether your site is viewed on old smartphone or high-end laptop, it will work correctly. I create design which adapts to every screen resolution and loads as fast as possible, without a chance for visitor to change his mind and close the browser’s tab.

Rule of personal interaction

Rule of personal interaction

I ain't the agency, production studio or broker! You communicate only with me, and I am the person who is creating your website. There are no "I wasn't told" or "It isn't me who is responsible for that feature" with me. You are always welcome to contact me, and I am always willing to hear your ideas and preferences, and to make it much better than you would expect!

Rule of complex work

Rule of complex work

I want everything to be done perfect, that's why I do it by myself. Domain name registration, hosting setup, website development and support – every step I do on my own.

Rule of supportе

Rule of

I am not leaving you on your own with you new website – I grant you one month of free consultations. It is more than enough to deal with all the possible issues. Whether any problem with website appears, it will be solved in a moment of time. This warranty only applies on elements made by me.

Portfolio Examples

Ready to cooperate?

If so, contact me!
24/7 online!

My skills

I have not only classical trio of CV’s “responsibility-punctuality-creativity” but high educability, willingness to participate in challenging projects and extreme care about minute details.


Contact me

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Volodymyr Kutsenko

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